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Capsules by Numbers

Whether you’re looking to produce a Halal certified formula or a vegan friendly product, our advanced capsule manufacturing capabilities enable us to cater for a wide range of requirements.


Using the latest technology and innovation, we constantly push the boundaries to ensure that the capsules we produce are of the highest quality. By adapting our production process over the past five years, we now have the capacity to manufacture up to 170 million capsules each month without compromising on quality.


This has enabled us to meet an increased demand and cater for both small and high volume orders. The encapsulation machinery we use allows us to manufacture a range of capsule sizes, shapes and colours, tailoring them to our clients exacting specifications.


Our formulation experts have years of industry experience positioning them perfectly to produce a real variety of different products. Whether you’re looking to produce herbal remedies or fitness supplements, the breadth of ingredients we work with means we can accommodate a range of requirements.


Our in-house scientists are constantly experimenting with ingredients to develop new and original combinations. This also positions them perfectly to offer advice when it comes to developing new products.


At Liquidsun, we understand that presentation is key and therefore provide a labelling service so the finished product fully embodies your brand. Our team can be as involved as you like in the process and will always take a personable, hands on approach where possible to ensure that your are fully satisfied with the end result.


If you’d like to find out more about how our capsule manufacturing process could enhance your product then we’d be happy to help. Simply click the link below, complete the form and a member of the team will be in touch shortly.

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