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As leading powder manufacturers, we excel in the nutrition and sports supplements markets and provide private label products for a range of household names.


Over recent years, we have seen a clear surge in demand for protein powder so we have adapted our machinery and processes accordingly. Since the expansion, we now have the capacity to produce up to 350mt each month and can therefore accommodate high volume orders.


We understand that quality is crucial in this market and despite the size of our operation, it has always remained important. We still ensure that every order, no matter what size, receives the same level of attention and quality control.


Whether you’re planning to produce an existing formula or want to create something entirely bespoke for your customers, we can help. Our team of experts have amassed years of industry experience and are able to provide extensive advice on everything from ingredients to presentation.


As protein manufacturers, we thoroughly understand the market and can advise on the latest products and trends. We also know what components are important in making your product stand out such as taste, nutrients and ease of use. We will therefore guide you through the process to ensure that the end result stands up in this competitive market.


Whether your product is designed to appeal to bodybuilders and weight lifters or dieters, we can provide advice on how best to appeal to your chosen market. Your target audience will dictate the ingredients and guidelines your protein powder will adhere to, so the team will also walk you through this.


From whey to hemp, we will advise on the optimum source of protein for your product, ensuring it meets the requirements of the audience you are targeting.


Once you’re happy with your protein powder contents, we’ll then help with the packaging and labelling to ensure it stands out and embodies your brand. Our flexibility in this area means that we offer a broad range of packaging options and capacities.


If you’d like to find out more about our protein powder manufacturing capabilities and how we can help your brand then we’d be happy to help. Simply complete the below form and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

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