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Liquidsun exhibits at the NIMH Conference 2019

Liqiuidsun has a proud heritage of being one of the leading manufacturers of Herbal Tinctures in the United Kingdom. Our Tinctures are manufactured from the finest herbs carefully selected and verified for their quality. We produce both Organic and normal tinctures from a wide variety of herbs.

These are used by the Herbal Practitioner community throughout the country. This year the conference was held in Birmingham and like every other year it gave us a fantastic opportunity to engage with the community and keep abreast of the developing trends amongst the practitioners.

Our guess the herb competition was a big draw amongst the conference attendees and from amongst all the correct answers, one lucky winner got the prize. Well done to Kathie Bishop for winning the prize.

We were represented by our Herbal Consultant - Katie Dobeisz, Commercial Director - Pete Hodgson-Kerry and our Chief Executive Officer - Samir Parikh. Together we enjoyed interacting with the Herbalists

@ Liquidsun, we are passionate about Herbs and remain committed to being at the forefront of supporting the needs of the Herbal Practitioners and engaging with broader industry.

For any further information about our products or services, please feel free to drop us an email

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